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Major alts and adds to a small freestanding house on the ‘top of the hill’ in Kensington.

Levels were carefully considered to allow new open plan living areas on a lowered ground floor, with a main bedroom, home office and ensuite bathroom configured within the existing roof of the house.

Concrete floors help to moderate temperatures year round, with the option of timed underfloor heating as required. Bricks were recycled from the demolition phase and reused for the covered outdoor dining area.

Hardwood sliding doors can be opened in various configurations allowing a seamless flow between internal and external spaces.

Robust materials such as Zincalume roofing and hardwood decks compliment the concrete internal floor finish. Joinery is simple, but efficient allowing an abundance of storage down one side of the house.

Builder: Dodd Renovations

Photographer: Sarah Braden

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